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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 9, 2011 5:00am-5:23am PST

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>> what could be coming down the train track for california, billions of dollars possibly for high speed rail. i'll have that story. >> and taking a live look outside, this time from the south bay this morning. a cold start to the day, february 9th, 2011. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. it's 5:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we want to start with a chilly start to the day and a check of your hour by hour forecast with christina. >> that is the big difference this morning. good morning to you. the big difference is the very cold temperatures, about 15 degrees cooler in some cities than this time yesterday. we did lose a lot of the wind. but we're going to see a lot of sunshine through the second half of the day. in fact it's going to be one of those days it's hard to find a cloud in the sky. because we're starting out so
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cool we're going to see our temperatures only in the low 60s, 63 degrees in san francisco, the peninsula will be one of the warmest areas with temperatures in the mid-60s today. as we're starting out relatively warm. we'll let you know about a big time rainmaker on the way to the bay area, when it's expected to hit coming up. back to you guys. >> vice president joe biden is urging u.s. cities to, quote, get a grip when it comes to building high speed rail networks. he says he is prepared to spend millions of dollars to get the job done. and bob redell is live this morning. bob, california's high speed rail project could get a large chunk of federal money. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. could be as much as $16 million. that is significant when you consider that the price tag for this massive project is estimated at $43 billion. we're talking about an 800-mile project that would start in san francisco, south along the
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caltrain corridor down the peninsula through the station here in san jose, on to the central valley and eventually los angeles. we should learn more details about the federal investment when the high speed rail authority hold as news conference later this afternoon. yesterday, vice president joe biden announced that president obama wants to invest $53 billion in high speed rail in the country over the next six years. an invest. that biden said is good for the infrastructure and the economy. >> the fact is public infrastructure investment raises private sector productivity and creates jobs. >> reporter: keep in mind this is not a done deal. it's just a proposal. the president still must convince the republican-led house to go along with this and that could be very difficult considering there are calls for cuts of all of the budget across the board. at least in discretionary spending. there are many californians who wonder why the state needs high
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speed rail. it's expensive at $43 billion as mentioned and that's assuming the cost doesn't increase which some analysts and critics believe will. and then there is a question of who is going to use high speed rail when you can fly between the bay area and los angeles at speeds obviously much faster than a train, at a relatively cheap cost. reporting live, bob redell, today in the "bay area living." >> 5:03. south bay neighborhood is trying to protect itself after a string of home burglaries. they are centered on a number of homes in san jose's evergreen area all within a few blocks of each other. the latest happened on monday afternoon. the family asked not to be identified. they say the burglaries broke in through a bedroom window and took off with lap tops, ipods, video games and jewelry. >> it's extremely upsetting to think you had somebody walking through your house and touching your things and the kids are frightened now. my daughter didn't want to sleep
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in her room last night because this is where they'd come through. >> the family says they will be installing a security system. the community is also talking about setting up a neighborhood watch. >> new this morning the oakland police officers who shot and killed a popular barber last november will not be charged. the alameda county district attorney's office will not press charges. it says that the officers will not officially comment, however, a source inside says that they will not be charged in the shooting death of derek jones. two officers shot jones on november 8 during a chase. they say they thought he had a weapon but it turns out he was unarmed. the officers told investigators that jones kept reaching for his waist band. they saw a shiny object. it turned out to be a scale which police say is often used to weigh drugs. >> berkeley has been known to break the mold when it comes to politics and civil rights. looks like the city is at it again. the city council set to vote on
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a resolution to bring guantanamo detainees who have been cleared, to berkeley. marla is live with the controversi controversial. >> reporter: it's no surprise that berkeley peace and justice commission is behind this latest controversial story here in berkeley. it has drafted a resolution that essentially invites a couple of guantanamo bay detainees who have been cleared of the wrong doing to come to the city to live within city limits. in all, 38 detainees have been cleared of the crimes they were held for. of those, the resolution invites two to live in berkeley. the first is a russian ballet dancer who converted to islam while serving in the russian army. he was arrested in pakistan while trying to hide from the kgb. the other invite for an algerian chef who worked in autreyia. after his work visa was not
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renewed he moved to canada. he was arrested in pakistan. neither man was charged with a crime but both were tortured while at guantanamo bay according to the center for rights. the plan could be diverted because president obama recently signed an act that prohibits the u.s. from funding the relocation of cleared detainees. the peace and justice commission says the move would be funded by volunteers and donations. the city council will vote on the commission's resolution next tuesday t 15th. live in berkeley, marla tellez, today in the "bay area living." >> we have new details about what happened as a man died during a run this past weekend. firefighters who saw what happened say they were shocked and angry that nobody came to help the man after he collapsed. san francisco firefighters who happened to be running the kaiser per ma menty half
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marathon say the event had no medical staff or life saving equipment near the finish line at golden gate park. the firefighters tried to revive the man and claim that they waited 22 minutes for a city ambulance to arrive. they say nobody on the scene identified themselves as a medical worker. but event organizers say there were emts near the finish line and they tried to help the runner within five minutes of his collapse. the man did die. >> this morning pg&e executives say there are no other pipelines like the one in san bruno anywhere else in northern california. the "mercury news" reports that pg&e has not been able to find any other gas pipes with large sections welded together. federal investigators say faulty welds may be to blame for the san bruno explosion in september that killed eight people. in an interview pg&e executives say the utility has not punished any employees in connection with the blast. if any one is punished it will
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happen after the ntsb releases its report on the explosion. >> supporters of a man accused -- supporters say even though he beat up father lindner lynch is the victim. lynch says he and his young brother were sexually assaulted by the priest when they were 7 and 5. lynch is going to face a pretrial hearing this morning. >> two moms arrested for blocking a fleet of energy trucks will get chance to share their concerns about smart meters. the two women were arrested december 29 for blocking sir francis drake boulevard as crews tried to get by. the women say people should have the right to refuse the smart meter program. since the arrest marin county board banned pg&e smart meters in parts of the county for at least a year. >> 5:08. want to check in with christina. it's a little chilly this
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morning. >> that heavy jacket that you threw in the corner probably time to break it back out. 37 degrees in santa rosa, 47 in napa. we're seeing a really good deal of conversion here. we have a widespread range of temperatures this morning. 31 in gilroy, 50 in san francisco, micro climates kicking in here in the bay area. what that basically means throughout the afternoon the sunshine will be full force all across the bay area but the places that are starting out mild this morning, san francisco, 50 degrees, the warmest city this afternoon. let me show you what's on the way to the bay area. we've got a big time weathermaker. you can see it shaping up here. right now it's way out in the pacific but as you head through the next few days it's going to push on shore. high pressure firmly in control so we don't have fog because it's driving the marine layer offshore. take a look at this. the marine layer is back and pretty deep this morning but it can't make its way to the coastline because of high
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pressure. sunshine, though, that's what you can expect for the first half of the day and the second half as well. a few high wispy clouds, 68 degrees in napa, 62 in oakland and 62 in los gatos. temperatures really warming up as you head deeper into the week. we'll talk about that. let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> good morning. to sunnyvale, there is an accident that cleared from the road. 280 northbound approaching 85 as you come up through the -- towards that interchange reports of an earlier car that flipped over. folks got out but they were milling around so that was a distraction. sounds like the tow truck is pulling away. all lanes just reported clear. keep in mind traffic all week. we're looking at the travel times for the east bay. no major issues, wind is lighter through the east bay hills. from time to time there is a little tremble so gusty wind as you pass over the east bay hills.
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we'll send it back over to you. >> 5:10 now. northern california police are called to settle a cyberspace dispute. >> plus, back in court. lindsay lohan goes before a judge again. this time the consequences could be a lot more serious. >> and the price of chocolate is going up. we're going to tell you if you have to pay more for last-minute valentine's day chocolates. >> better buy the big box. february is black history month. today take the newera. places where african-american leaders made their mark.s i fre is fre and starts at 10:00 a.m. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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moving. first lady michelle obama will give her first live morning interview coming up on the "today" show. she is doing it to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her effort to get kids moving the public service announcement with information on eating healthy and being active. the idea isn't new for a bay area school. e.r. taylor elementary in san francisco has been focusing on nutrition and physical activity for a number of years. the school has a green garden and offers nutrition and cooking classes. they say because of the efforts obesity is not a major issue there. >> call it a case of he post she post. police in grass valley had to referee so to speak a domestic dispute. a woman called to plain that her boyfriend posted pictures of her on facebook. police say the man said he removed them but he called to
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say his ex-girlfriend had posted nude pictures of him on her facebook page. after counseling both people the officers convinced the woman to take the pictures down and now you know why nobody comes to see if your car has been stolen or not. >> so who owns the pictures? scott mcgrew says the law is pretty clear. >> the law is very clear in this situation. the person who takes the picture, good morning, owns the copyright. as a general rule if i take a picture of you, so i own it, that's not the only law in place. you take a picture with a zoom lens where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy you still own the picture but broke the law taking it. posting nude pictures of people you own that picture but you still can be sued for harassment. changes in washington as columbia law professor tim wu take as job with the trade
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commission. wu has been a critic of apple and google. you see him on press here. wu invented the phrase net neutrality. google has been under pressure lately. an oral points out that even microsoft has been piling on google, calling google a monopoly. google has been the subject of two ftc investigations. >> from the parent trap to trapped in a legal mess, today actress lindsay lohan is expected to be charged in a jewelry heist. prosecutors will charge her with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a short gold necklace worth $2500. employees at jewelry store reported the necklace missing two weeks ago. investigators were about to search lohan's home when one of her assistants turned it in. her attorney says the charges
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are falls. >> what lindsay is claiming is that she borrowed it from the store and her stylist forgot to return the item to the store. >> lohan's legal troubles are well chronicled. she is under investigation for allegedly assaulting an employee at the better ford center. >> uc san francisco celebrates the opening of a stem cell facility. they will open the doors to the $123 million facility later on this morning so video of it here, the construction work. they say staff and researchers are going to be able to interact more smoothly. groundbreaking began back in 2008 and the project was completed late last year. ucfs has been researching stem cells. >> a district is getting a lending hand. morgan hills book smart will donate $10,000 to the morgan hill unified school district.
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the store won grants from intuit. >> a snowstorm is adding a layer of misery to the battered parts of the country. this is what you see if you live in oklahoma city, this is live there. you got to head out for work. aren't you glad you don't face that. the snow is coming down. the roads are covered. they say that in parts of even texas and kansas they got a lot of snow and forecasters expect as much as a foot in that region later on. people are still digging out from the massive storm last week. if you are out and about, i know oklahoma city too, if you get outside of there you are in rural areas. you don't want to be out there in this. >> oklahoma not okay this morning. >> last they had airports and businesses closed, a lot of
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schools. they may have to look at that again. >> i'm feeling guilty saying it was cold here. >> i know. i know. we're kind of whiners here. quite a contrast from the dust bowl years for oklahoma. 47 degrees in napa, 37 in santa rosa and 50 in san francisco. our temperatures are going to drop for the next couple of hours. maybe 5 degrees of dipping. so all the heat from yesterday was able to escape back out into the atmosphere. one thing we are picking up on our satellite imagery is the marine layer. it doesn't look like it's going to reach the coast so you don't have to worry about foesle fog. no reduced visibility and the winds are much calmer than this time yesterday morning. the low pressure is going to push on shore. what's going to happen it's going to kick in the onshore flow. it will press the marine layer.
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tonight we expect the fog to be back and the fog will be back through the next couple of mornings. 62 in oakland, 65 in redwood city. high pressure is clearing our skies. lots of sunshine but don't let that mislead you. it's much cooler than it has been. we don't see the 70s in los gatos, only 62. a little bit of a warm-up deeper into your weekend. 69 for sunday. valentine's day, brent cannon, hint-hint. i think laura would look lovely with a beautiful red umbrella. >> i can't afford an umbrella. i thought you were going to say -- coming up mike is going to tell us if there is trouble on the roadways. we don't have what they have in oklahoma city. >> bad news for cash strapped b.a.r.t. just how likely it is that
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riders will stick with the agency. >> cal is taking another look at sports that it dropped. we'll look tee if baseball ghacngk. my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer.
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